Blemishes for adults

Acne in adults

You have spent your entire teenage years with healthy skin. Then without warning, from the age of 21, when you did not even remember that this problem existed, pimples begin to appear. This is not a rare problem, especially in women, and the causes range from hormonal changes to stress, among others.

Blemishes in adulthood are different from blemishes in adolescence. It is usually slower and more gradual, usually in the form of white-tipped pimples and is concentrated on the chin, jaw, and neck. It can be a sign of hormonal and glandular disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, which requires a consultation with the doctor. it can also be a result of improper nutrition, excessive sun exposure, hereditary factors, high cholesterol, obesity, or excessive makeup, which clogs the pores.

Whatever the source, the first step in preventing and reducing the incidence of late blemishes is to take good care of your skin, which should be kept clean and free of oil. To do this, wash your face twice a day with a specific soap for facial skin care, which has anti-germ properties and removes oil and impurities of the pores.

Also, use sunscreen daily. If blemishes persists, be sure to see your dermatologist.