Moisturizing Skin with Flaxseed Oil

Moisturizing skin with flaxseed oil

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is made up of three layers. One of the layers is the epidermis and it is responsible for creating a natural protective barrier on the skin that keeps it moisturized at all levels.

Why is it so important to have moisturized skin?

Moisture is essential for the skin to maintain its protective barrier against the sun, cold, wind, pollution and microorganisms. It prevents biological properties from being lost or its function from being compromised.

What happens if I don't moisturize my skin?

When the skin is not well moisturized, the protective barrier can be compromised.

This means that the skin can burn more easily and be exposed to contaminants. The skin can become rough, dull and scaly with dehydration. Therefore, it is better to look for products that help you have moisturized skin every day.

Using Protex® with Flaxseed oil is a way to moisturize your skin

Flaxseed, which provides fiber, vitamins and salts, is already present in the kitchen and in naturopathic medicine due to its high content of nutrients that help improve our body. Its seed belongs to the linaceae family and its oil is extracted from it.

One of the best known benefits of flaxseed oil is that it is a source of essential fatty acids (AGE) for our body, AGE, also known as omega-3, are fats and oils that the body cannot produce on its own.

The new formula of Protex® anti-germ soap is enriched with cold-pressed and minimally processed flaxseed oil, which helps stimulate the skin's natural protection against germs and also removes impurities, helping to have healthy skin and protected from inside out.