When can cosmetics be a danger?

when can cosmetics be a danger

The use of some makeup products can clog the pores and as a consequence, favour the appearance of pimples or blackheads, especially in people with oily skin. This condition is called cosmetic pimples, it is sometimes confused with an allergy to beauty products. In general, the allergy appears quickly, one or two days after the use of the product that caused it, as an irritation, while cosmetic pimples can take weeks to appear..

This does not mean that women should stop using beauty products, but should prefer those suitable for their skin type and classified as non-comedogenic (which do not clog pores) and oil free, that is, without oily ingredients.

It is also important to maintain a facial cleansing routine in the morning and at night, with specific soaps for the face. In addition, it is essential that makeup is removed at night, so that the skin remains clean and unobstructed during the period of sleep.

As long as such care is followed, there is no reason to worry, as cosmetic pimples are usually temporary and disappear when use of the product that is causing the clogging of the pores is discontinued. Whenever any type of injury arises on the face, it is advisable to go to a dermatologist so that the problem is properly identified and treated.